Walk for Water II – The Paris Pilgrimage: November 2015

We are excited to announce a second “Walk for Water” in 2015.

On November 30, world leaders meet in Paris to negotiate a new plan to address the pressing issue of our era, climate change.
We will walk for the first week of the UN Paris Climate Summit to learn what can be done, what the summit is talking about and reflect on the global change that is required.

Previously in February, a dedicated group of people from Western Sydney Environment Network led an eight day walk from the Cataract Dam South of Sydney. It is now six months after this finished, and some of our committee members are getting itchy feet to do it all again, this time as a pilgrimage to draw attention to the Paris climate talks.

In February, we followed the flow of the water for over 100 km from Cataract Dam to State Parliament following major water infrastructure, visiting MPs offices and holding public events along the way. Our focus then was the threat of Coal Seam Gas and coal mining on drinking water, and the dangers of water privatisation in compromising the public good in water decision making.

Since then we have been elated to gain commitments from the State government to cancel Coal Seam Gas in a large part of Sydney water catchments (except for Camden). The underground coal mining adjacent to our Southern Dams has continued, however the dropping price of coal has made some projects more precarious than they were before, particularly for Wollongong Coal.

This time, our focus is global. We will undertake the walk in solidarity with all the groups around the world working towards a world beyond coal and gas, in which we can find it in ourselves, our communities and our institutions to curb pollution, to stabilise carbon in the atmosphere and ensure a future of flourishing for diverse species and future generations of humans.

If you are interested in taking part, please fill in this short survey:  link here


NOTE: All posts below this are from the original February Walk for Water and are being kept for historical reference.


Our Petition, and other ways to contribute

There are plenty of ways to contribute – you can walk, cycle (limited spots for the first leg if you’re fit), attend rallies, make or bring food, set up or clean up, drive a van, help painting banners, make signs, sew us some blue flags, come to meetings, debate ideas or messages, update or do a guest post on this website, call friends, get your organisation on board, share info on Facebook/Twitter, print and distribute brochures, play music for us, tell us a water story, donate money. Here are some details for donating via a crowdfunding site if you feel moved to contribute monetarily. If you would prefer to donate directly, contact us and we can send our bank details.

SIGN OUR PETITION Five days out from the walk we also launched a petition, on the Community Run site. Please sign and share with your friends.

Visiting the Avon and Nepean Dams

On 21st December, five of the Walk for Water Organising Group visited the Nepean and the Avon Dams (the Avon being affected by coal mining), as well as the gasfields near Camden and the Mt Annan Botanic Garden. Here are some pictures from that journey [note that we will now be starting from Cataract Dam].

Our friends in Rivers SoS and Protect Sydney’s Water Alliance reminded us that the Avon dam is seriously damaged by coal mining,  with the cracks to wetlands feeding the dam kind of like drilling holes in a bucket.

Have a look at our meeting place underneath the Mars Hill Cafe. It’s pretty atmospheric! We will meet there again this Sunday, 11 Jan, 2pm. All welcome!

Our meeting room for Dec 30 and Jan 11 under Mars Hill cafe.
Our meeting room for Dec 30 and Jan 11 under Mars Hill cafe.